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For starters

Fried shrimps in butter with garlic (100 g)
pepperoni and a bit of brandy 29.00

Fried chicken liver (approx. 200 g)
with crispy bacon, apple, and onion 18.50


Greek salad with olives (450 g)
iceberg lettuce, fresh peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, favita cheese 23.50

Green salads with grilled salmon and seafood (450 g)
(4 pieces of large shrimps, crayfish necks, mussels) with capers and tuna sauce 29.80

Salad with chicken liver (450 g)
with fried onion and apple, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin seeds 25.50

For children

Breaded chicken breast (100 g)
with fries, ketchup and salad 19.50

Delicate chicken meatballs in light roast sauce (100 g)
with boiled potatoes and mini carrots 19.50

French fries (150 g) 7.00


Homemade broth (250 ml)
with noodles and carrots 9.00

Pumpkin and tomato cream (250 ml)
with roasted almond flakes 13.00

Old Polish sour soup (250 ml)
with egg and white sausage 13.50


Salmon with mango salsa (150 g)
served with oriental rice with turmeric and pistachios 39.00

Fried cod fillet (150 g)
on spinach with almond flakes, served with potatoes with dill 36.00

Fried zander (150 g)
served on leeks stewed in cream and white wild rice 39.00

Trout from the frying pan, whole fish (min. 200 g)
with fries and a basket of green salads sprinkled with cream 38.00

Meat dishes

Plate of grilled meat
 loin of lamb, pork tenderloin, turkey breast, potatoes fried in garlic butter with rosemary and barbecue sauce 38.50

Delicate pork cheeks (150 g)
in onion-roast sauce with warm beetroot and pearl barley with onions and mushrooms 29.80

Roasted pork knuckle in beer (min 450 g)
served with fried cabbage and fried potatoes 36.80

Turkey breast steak with grilled pineapple (150 g)
served with rice and vegetables 29.80

Half duck off the bone, baked with apples (min. 200 g)
with home-made potato dumplings with marjoram, red cabbage and cranberries 39.80

Homemade dumplings

Plate of various dumplings (9 pcs.)
with a cup of pure red borscht (150 ml) 28.90

Dumplings with meat and lard (6 pcs.) 19,90

Russian dumplings with lard (7 pcs.) 19,90

Dumplings with spinach and favita cheese (7 pcs.) 19,90

Green dumplings stuffed with mushrooms (7 pcs.) 19,90

Additions to the main dishes
are served in the quantities provided below

Potatoes boiled in water with dill 150 g

Potatoes from the frying pan 150 g

Baked potatoes with marjoram 150 g

French fries / Rice / Pearl barley 150 g

Hot beetroot 100 g

Fried cabbage 100 g

Fried red cabbage 100 g

Basket of green lettuce 100 g

Set of salads 100 g

Sauces 74 g

For dessert

Homemade cheesecake with chocolate coating (150 g)
served on raspberry mousse 11.00

Cheesecake with orange peel (130 g)
served with a cup of coffee 13.00

Ice cream with fruit and whipped cream (150 g) 14.00

Cup of vanilla-chocolate ice cream (150 g)
with warm cherry jam 14.00

Tiramisu on raspberry mousse (200 g)

Hot apple pie
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (190 g) 14.00

Milk and fruit cocktail (250 ml) 9.50

10% service charge is attached to bills for servicing a group of over seven person

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80-328 Gdańsk, Polska

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